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Supporting institution programs and initiatives

*Times Higher Education. (2018, September 20). THE World University Rankings explained. The Student (Part of Times Higher Education). 


Student Retention = Financial stability and the ability to be more dynamic


Students and Staff Satisfaction is an ongoing challenge. By lifting your Students’ capability and confidence, their stress levels will be reduced and they more likely will achieve greater success. 

This will naturally have a positive flow-on effect to your Academics and Support teams.


MyStudyWorks helps improve the Quality of Graduates, encouraging students to undertake Post-Graduate study and supporting them through the process.

We strengthen the skills Candidates require and make life easier for their Supervisors to work with them.

Global Rankings are a key factor in attracting funding and students.

Times High Education (2018)* states…

"Each university is judged in five categories covering the core missions of all world-class, global universities: Teaching, Research, Citations (research influence), Industry Income and International Outlook"


By helping students enjoy their studies, achieve better outcomes and continue on to Post-Graduate studies, MyStudyWorks works with Universities to help them achieve this goal.

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