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MyStudyWorks provides students with a great tool to enhance their writing skills.

Students have academic and course dashboards, so that they can see upcoming and completed assignments. 

Helps address “writers block”, by having students focus on individual sections/topics, rather than the whole.

A wizard will help students create a scaffold, providing structure, so they organise their thoughts and communicate more effectively. An algorithm is used to suggest word-count allocation for each Topic or Section.

Students often struggle with this aspect of writing papers. To remove any confusion or difficulty, MyStudyWorks uses a 3-step wizard to simplify referencing, which automatically generates the In Text Citation and Reference List / Bibliography.

All writers may need to recover work they have previously deleted or changed.The larger the document, the harder and more frustrating it can be to find the lost material. Versions is an easy to use recovery/restore function.Students can review individual sections/topics tracing back to their first version. Even deleted sections/topics are recoverable, so nothing is ever lost.

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