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Our Mission

Our passion is to help students become better, more capable, confident writers and to strengthen the skills that they need not only in their studies, but throughout their life.

Our Story

A few international student friends of mine were studying here in Australia.  I noticed they were failing assignments due to a combination of substandard writing skills and cultural differences (they did not know or understand how/why to cite their sources).  This prompted me to help them.

Afterwards I approached Academic friends and asked how they felt. The common response was that too many students submit poor quality work. They explained that substandard submissions require a disproportionate amount of time to mark.  Being time poor, this frustrated them, as it impacted the level of Formative Feedback and Support that they could provide, as well as their job satisfaction.

They explained that key frustrations with the submissions were that the assignments were poorly structured, did not use the appropriate terminology, did not reference correctly (if at all) and frankly, didn’t communicate to the expected standard. 

I then surveyed over 2,000 academics, students and administrators around the world, to determine if they felt the same way and that the approach, I was suggesting would make a difference. Following this, with the help of the New South Wales Government, a MVP was developed. The further feedback from Universities who tried it, led to the development of MyStudyWorks. 

I so strongly believe in the need for MyStudyWorks, I sold my house to fund its development. 

So please, feel free to ask for a demo. If you like it, you can have a Free Trial (not one or two weeks, but long enough to enable cohorts to experience it themselves).

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What we believe in

Our beliefs are very simple, we believe in learning, and we believe in writing—more importantly, we believe the two are inseparable.  The ability to communicate well in writing is not simply a way to get through college, it is the single most important employment qualification.  Writing is not less important as technology advances, it becomes more important.


As a company, our mission is to facilitate the teaching of writing as a process by creating a tool that assists students, the academics who teach them, and the institutions that shepherd the learning and certification process.


Philip Schiff

Co - Founder and CEO

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