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Early identification of struggling students (at risk)

MyStudyWorks provides an array of Dashboards and Analytics to help you identify when students doing assignments are falling behind your expectations.

Real-time Progress Dashboards enable academics and student support teams to see how the students are doing with one (1) click. Through the Dashboard they can view the students work and provide them feedback. 

If you want, you can use the Milestones Dashboards to help you see if students are falling behind the level of progress you expect. You control the Milestones and can turn them on/off anytime, during or even after the assignment.

Our Single View of the Student Dashboard enables you to see how the student is progressing and their performance with their Milestones, across their portfolio of work underway and completed. It helps you identify trends of behaviour that lead to success or risk.

Your view will be subject to your permissions (privacy protocols invoked).

Academics and Student Support can know if students have accessed their Formative Feedback. This helps you identify the ‘At Risk Students’ who may need further follow-up.

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