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Derive maximum value from your external tutoring service Investment!

If your students cannot even prepare a paper to send to the tutor service, how does it work?

We are complimentary to your Tutor Service. MyStudyWorks helps students create the foundation for the Tutor Services, so they can add their value.

Without this, the same students you want to use the Tutor Service will struggle to prepare material sufficiently early to ensure they have time to action the Service’s Feedback.


How do you ensure struggling students will even use your Tutoring Service?

Struggling students too often are unfortunately like an Ostrich (burying their heads in the sand).

They more often than not avoid reaching out for help until it is too late.

By helping you have visibility of their work and their progress, they can be encouraged to leverage your Tutoring Service.


Are the right students using the service? 

If your budget limits the amount of available external Tutoring Service, you want to ensure the students who most need help are getting the benefit. If you want to control access to the Services, we help you identify those who can benefit most.

What if you do not use a Tutoring Service? How do you help your internal team meet demand? 

By helping students learn the process of writing quickly, they become more self-sufficient, which in turn helps your team manage the level of concurrent demand.

Our Formative Feedback options also help your team look after more students quickly and easily.

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