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Their Writing

An all-in-one tool for every stage of academic writing


Who we help


Fostering capability and confidence

We believe that by building capability, one builds competence and confidence. We help students to improve their critical thinking and academic writing skills, simplify compliance with academic standards and more easily manage all aspects of their submissions.


Focusing on your productivity

We provide academics with real-time visibility of student's works in progress, better interaction with and support for students throughout the lifecycle of their assignments, and easier identification of struggling students.


Simplifying the complex

We help your support staff simplify the complex process of reviewing assignments, allocating skill advisors and groups. Dashboard of all students and assignments makes it easy for the support staff to find out and help students who are struggling.


Striving for institutional excellence

We help institutions to have real-time activity related data to help student support, enhance the student experience, and have a powerful asset to attract and retain more ESL, pathways, online and returning to study students.